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10 Everyday Objects You Can Use to Measure 60 Inches

60 Inches: Understanding Measurements Using Common Items Around You

Whether youre renovating your home or just trying to find out the size of something, knowing how to measure something accurately can come in handy. Although we often use rulers and measuring tapes to do this, knowing some measurements based on common objects can also be helpful.

In this article, we will explore a list of common items that can help you understand a length of 60 inches (5 feet). From the size of a debit card to the length of a ten-pin bowling pin, we will provide you with practical tools for measuring and estimating different objects.

Debit Cards

A standard debit card is a convenient tool to use for measurements, and its length of 3.7 inches can help you gauge the size of something quickly. Measuring an object with a debit card may not be accurate, but it can give you a sense of scale.

You can also use it to estimate the length of smaller items, such as a key.

Standard Playing Cards

Standard playing cards have a size of 3.5 inches, making them slightly shorter than a debit card. Like the debit card, a standard playing card can help you visualize the size of an object or estimate its length.

Theyre also useful for measuring smaller objects like a paperclip or pen cap.

Standard Bricks

A standard brick typically has a length of 8 inches. Knowing this measurement can help when youre trying to figure out how many bricks it would take to build a wall of a certain size.

Bricks are generally used in construction, but they can also be used in home renovation projects, such as building a garden bed or a fire pit.

Ten-Pin Bowling Pins

The size of a ten-pin bowling pin is approximately 15 inches long. Knowing this measurement can be helpful when figuring out how tall or wide an object is, or in comparing other objects in terms of size.

Bowling pins are also useful for lining up objects for measurement, as theyre tall and easy to spot. No. 10 Envelopes

No. 10 envelopes are commonly used for business purposes and have a length of 9.5 inches.

Knowing this measurement can help you estimate how many sheets of paper you could fit inside, or the length of a piece of paper you need to send in an envelope. They can also be used for measuring or estimating the size of other flat objects.

Burpless Cucumbers

These specific cucumbers are known for their slim profile, measuring about 10 inches in length. Burpless cucumbers are often used in salads or as sliced snacks.

Knowing their length can help you estimate the size of other vegetables or fruits, such as zucchinis or kiwis.

Size-5 Footballs

A size-5 football has a diameter of approximately 8.6 inches. Knowing this measurement can help you understand the dimensions of a soccer or football field, or the size of a net.

It’s also an excellent reference point for other round objects.


Pencils are an everyday tool that we all have lying around. Theyre approximately 7.5 inches long, with the majority of the length being the graphite or lead.

Knowing this measurement can help you gauge the size of other writing tools, or help you estimate the length of smaller objects.

Adult Toothbrushes

Oral hygiene is essential, and knowing the length of an adult toothbrush can help you correctly clean your teeth. Adult toothbrushes are generally between 7-8 inches long, with bristles that are about 1-2 inches long.

Knowing this measurement can help you determine the size and length of other personal care items.

US Dollar Notes

US dollar notes have an official size of 6.14 inches in length. Knowing this measurement can help you understand how many banknotes you need to cover a certain section of a surface or table.

It can also help you measure the length of paper money from other countries.


Pens are an everyday tool, and like pencils, they come in different shapes and sizes. The average pen is approximately 5.4 inches long.

Knowing this measurement can help you understand the size of other office supplies such as highlighters and markers.


By using common objects around you, its easy to estimate and measure different objects, whether youre a professional or a DIY enthusiast. This list of everyday objects, from debit cards to burpless cucumbers, can help you estimate sizes, lengths, and diameters, making your life easier.

So, the next time you need to measure something and dont have a ruler on hand, take a look at the common objects around you and see if they can help you out. In conclusion, understanding common measurements based on everyday objects can be helpful for a variety of purposes, whether you’re renovating a room, building something from scratch, or simply estimating the size of an object.

By using tools such as debit cards, playing cards, or no. 10 envelopes, you can gain a better sense of scale and make your projects more manageable.

Remember to always consider the accuracy of your measurements, and use multiple objects to verify your estimates. Here are some FAQs and their answers to help you further:

Q: Can I use debit cards and playing cards as accurate measuring tools?

A: While they may not be entirely accurate, they can certainly help you estimate the size of an object or compare objects based on size. Q: How do I measure the size of an irregularly shaped object?

A: Use a combination of different objects of various sizes and shapes to estimate the length, width, and height of the object. Q: Can I use bowling pins to measure the height of a person?

A: No, bowling pins are not an accurate tool for measuring the height of a person, and it’s best to use a tape measure or a height chart for this purpose. Q: Can I use dollar notes to measure the size of a table or surface?

A: Yes, laying dollar notes side-by-side can help you estimate the length and width of a table or surface. Q: Are burpless cucumbers the only types of cucumbers I can use to estimate the length of other fruits and vegetables?

A: No, other varieties of cucumbers can also be used to estimate the size of other fruits and vegetables, although the length may vary.

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