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45 Feet Long: Fascinating Examples and Trivia!

45 Feet Long: Fascinating Examples and Facts!

When we think of things that are 45 feet long, the Hollywood Sign might be the first thing that comes to mind. But there are plenty of other fascinating examples of things that are 45 feet long from spaghetti strands to grand pianos.

In this article, we’ll explore some of these examples and also delve into some interesting facts and trivia about the number 45 in relation to length.

Examples of Things That are 45 Feet Long

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is an iconic landmark located on Mount Lee in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. With its giant white letters spelling out “Hollywood,” it has come to represent the glamour and allure of the entertainment industry.

The original sign, erected in 1923, was made of wood and was only meant to be a temporary advertising gimmick for a local real estate company. The sign was replaced several times over the years with the current version made of steel and concrete.

The letters of the sign are each 45 feet tall, making the entire sign span 350 feet across and 45 feet high.

Spaghetti Strands

When cooked, the strands of spaghetti can be as long as 45 feet. That’s longer than a basketball court! Spaghetti is a popular dish all around the world, but it has its origins in Italy.

According to legend, Marco Polo brought it back with him from China to Italy in the 13th century. Since then, it has become one of the most popular types of pasta around the world.


The average adult American bison, also known as the buffalo, can grow up to be around 9-10 feet long. However, a newborn calf can be as long as 45 feet! Generally, when they are born, they are around 3 feet long, so they grow very quickly over time.


Back in the 19th century, refrigerators were much bigger than the ones we have now. In fact, some of them were 45 feet long! These refrigerators were essential for storing large amounts of food, especially in ships.

However, they were also heavy, weighing up to 1200 tons. Can you imagine having one of these in your kitchen?


The doors of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida are some of the biggest doors in the world. They are 456 feet tall and 45 feet wide.

They are so massive that they take around 45 minutes to open completely! The VAB also holds the record for being the largest single-story building in the world.


Guitars come in all shapes and sizes, but some can be as long as 45 feet! The world’s largest guitar was built by Gibson in 2001 for the Country Music Association Awards. It was 43.5 feet long and weighed more than 2,000 pounds.

It was played by country singer Brad Paisley during the awards show.


The cougar, also known as the mountain lion or puma, is a large cat that can grow up to be around 8 feet long, including its tail. Interestingly, cougars are sometimes called “the 45-mile per hour couch potato” because of their ability to run up to 45 miles per hour, but they also can nap up to 20 hours a day!


The world’s tallest lamp is located in Donalda, Alberta, Canada. It is 45 feet tall and is shaped like a grain elevator, which is a common sight in rural parts of Canada.

It was built to honor the local farming heritage. It’s an enormous structure that can be seen from miles around.


A typical-sized adult cow can be around 6.5-9 feet long. However, the length of a cow’s tongue can be up to 45 inches long! Also, cows with ivory keys are not a myth.

Historical accounts note that cows were used as a source of ivory for piano keys since they had stronger teeth and bones that could be used to make the keys.

Grand Pianos

The world’s longest piano was built by Adrian Mann in New Zealand in 2000. It was named “Challen Concert Grand” and measured 45 feet long! Due to the ban on ivory trade, the piano’s keys were made of plastic, making it the first piano with plastic keys with 90 keys from A-stump to C-stump.

Giraffe Necks

Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world and their necks can be as long as 6 feet! This gives them an advantage in reaching high branches for food and also enables them to see predators from a far distance. However, the length of a giraffe’s neck can vary depending on its species, with some being as long as 45 feet!

High School Lockers

High school lockers have been around for a long time, and they come in various sizes. In a pyramid locker configuration, each locker is 15 inches wide and 12 inches deep, and when multiply it, it creates a row of 18 lockers that can be as long as 45 feet in length! A typical high school locker is around three feet long, but this pyramid configuration can be helpful to maximize space.

Facts and Trivia about 45 Feet

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign has been around for almost 100 years now, and it has undergone many changes during that time. The sign has been completely replaced twice, and in 1978, an attempt was made to change it to “Hollyweed” as a prank.

In 2020, it was updated to “Hollyboob” in a controversial act of vandalism.

Spaghetti Strands

The longest spaghetti strand ever measured was 491 feet and 6.6 inches long! The record was set in 2005 by Matilde Tusberti in Italy. She used 22 pounds of flour and spent hours making the single strand of spaghetti.


In the late 19th century, bison were hunted almost to extinction, with only around 1000 left in the wild. Today, thanks to conservation efforts and breeding programs, the population has increased to around 350,000.


The VAB doors are not only massive, but they also serve a very specific purpose. When a space shuttle is moved from the assembly area to the launch pad, it is transported horizontally on the Mobile Launcher Platform.

Once it reaches the launch pad, it is tilted upright, and the VAB doors are opened to allow the shuttle to pass through. The process is very precise and must be executed with great care to prevent any damage.


Cougars are also known as “ghost cats” because they are difficult to see in the wild. They are solitary animals and can be found in a variety of habitats, from forests to deserts.

They are usually shy and prefer to avoid humans, but if they feel threatened, they can be quite dangerous.

Grand Pianos

Only four Challen Concert Grand pianos were ever built, and the six of them, including the one in Christchurch Town Hall, were destroyed in the Christchurch Earthquake in 2011.


In this article, we have highlighted some fascinating examples of things that are 45 feet long. We have also shared some interesting facts and trivia about the number 45 in relation to length.

From the Hollywood sign to giraffe necks, it’s amazing how many different things can be 45 feet long and how much we can learn about them. It’s always exciting to learn new things and to discover the wonders of the world around us.

When it comes to understanding lengths, it can be helpful to compare different measurements to get a better sense of how long something really is. In this article, we’ve explored some examples of things that are 45 feet long, from the Hollywood Sign to grand pianos.

But how do these lengths compare to other things we encounter in our daily lives? To put 45 feet into perspective, let’s look at some comparisons:

– A school bus is typically around 40-45 feet long.

This means that the Hollywood Sign and the Challen Concert Grand piano are about as long as a school bus. – An Olympic-size swimming pool is around 164 feet long.

This means that you could fit around three and a half Hollywood Signs end to end in a swimming pool. – The wingspan of a Boeing 747 is around 211 feet.

This means that the Hollywood Sign is about 21% of the wingspan of a Boeing 747. – The height of a typical two-story house is around 20-25 feet.

This means that the Hollywood Sign and the Challen Concert Grand piano are both much taller than a two-story house. – The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is around 2,717 feet tall.

This means that the Hollywood Sign is only around 1.7% of the height of the Burj Khalifa. Comparing lengths in this way can be helpful for visualizing just how long or tall something really is.

It can also be interesting to compare lengths across different contexts. For example, the length of a school bus might seem small when compared to the Burj Khalifa, but it’s still considered large when compared to a typical car.

Another way to understand the concept of length is to think about conversion factors. For example, there are 12 inches in a foot, and 3 feet in a yard.

Therefore, 45 feet is equal to 540 inches or 15 yards. This can be a helpful way to convert between different units of measurement and get a better sense of how long something is in more familiar terms.

Beyond comparisons and conversions, understanding lengths is also important for a variety of practical purposes. For example, architects and builders need to have a good sense of length in order to design and construct buildings that are safe and functional.

Similarly, engineers need to be able to accurately measure lengths in order to design and build machines and structures that work properly. In addition, understanding lengths can also be helpful for personal projects and interests.

For example, if you enjoy woodworking, you need to be able to accurately measure and cut pieces of wood to the correct length in order to create a finished product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Understanding lengths can also be helpful for DIY projects around the house, such as measuring rooms for new furniture or calculating how much paint you need for a room.

Overall, understanding lengths is an important part of our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. From measuring the length of a piece of wood to admiring the height of the Burj Khalifa, lengths play a role in everything from our hobbies to our careers.

By comparing lengths and using conversion factors, we can develop a better sense of just how long or tall something really is, and by understanding the practical applications of length measurement, we can ensure that we are using this knowledge in a meaningful way in our lives. In conclusion, understanding lengths is not only helpful in our personal lives, but also critical in fields such as architecture and engineering.

By comparing lengths, using conversion factors, and recognizing the practical applications of length measurement, we can expand our understanding of this important concept. Understanding lengths can help us tackle DIY projects, visualize distances, and appreciate the impressive dimensions of our world.


– Why is understanding length important in architecture and engineering? Accurately measuring length is essential in designing and constructing safe and functional buildings, machines, and structures.

– How do conversion factors work? Conversion factors allow us to convert between different units of measurement, such as feet and inches or meters and kilometers.

– Why is visualizing distances helpful? Visualizing distances can help us understand just how long or tall something really is and can help us appreciate the scale of large objects.

– What are some practical applications of length measurement in personal projects? Measuring length is important for activities such as woodworking, room design, and DIY projects around the house.

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