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8 Common Objects Compared to 40 Feet: A Visual Guide

Understanding the Length of 40 Feet

Are you having trouble understanding how long 40 feet is? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It can be challenging to visualize the length of 40 feet, but with a few tricks, we can paint a picture that will help you gain a quick reference. In this article, we will examine eight common items that are 40 feet long and compare their dimensions to give you a sense of how big 40 feet really is.

Comparison with Objects

Let’s start by comparing 40 feet to objects that are commonly seen around us. Here are eight common items that are 40 feet long:


Tennis Court – A standard tennis court is 78 feet (23.77m) long by 36 feet (10.97m) wide. Therefore, half a tennis court is 39 feet long, which is very close to 40 feet.

2. Building – A typical four-story building is around 40 feet tall.

It is the equivalent of stacking four average-sized cars on top of each other. 3.

SUV cars – An average SUV is usually 15 to 20 feet long, meaning two or three of them parked in a row would be approximately 40 feet. 4.

Smart cars – Unlike SUVs, Smart cars are small in size. It would take 5 Smart cars parked in a row to make the 40 feet mark.

5. Hockey sticks – A regulation NHL hockey stick is 49 inches (4.1 feet) long.

Therefore, it takes a bit over nine and a half hockey sticks lined up to measure to 40 feet. 6.

Basketball hoop – A regulation basketball hoop is ten feet high. Therefore, if there were four basketball hoops stacked on top of each other, you would have a height of 40 feet.

7. Giraffes – The average height of a fully grown male giraffe is around 18 feet.

It would take two and a bit giraffes standing on each other’s shoulders to reach 40 feet. 8.

Average-sized humans – On average, a male in the United States is around five foot nine in height. So it would take six and three-quarters of them standing on their shoulders to reach 40 feet.

8 Common Items That are 40 Feet Long

Now that we’ve compared 40 feet to other objects, let’s discuss some common items that actually measure 40 feet long. 1.

Shipping containers – Shipping containers used to transport goods mostly measure 40 feet long. It is the most frequently used container size in the world.

2. Tour bus – Many touring bands and artists travel in top-billing tour buses, which can measure up to 40 feet long.

3. Semi-trucks – Semi-trucks are used to transport various types of goods across the country.

They can be up to 40 feet long and have a lot of power. 4.

Construction trailers – Construction workers often use trailers to hold their tools and equipment when working on a job. The standard size for a construction trailer is 40 feet.

5. Recreational vehicles (RVs) – RVs that are classified as Class A can be up to 40 feet long.

They are often used for road trips or as a permanent living space. 6.

Cattle trailers – Designed to transport cattle, these trailers are usually 40 feet long and can hold around 20 cows. 7.

Cement trucks – Cement trucks are used for mixing and transporting concrete. They come in various sizes, but the most commonly used size is around 40 feet long.

8. Yachts – Yachts and private boats are known for their luxurious design and capabilities.

Yachts can be up to 40 feet long and are often used for recreational boating.

Half a Tennis Court

A tennis court is a perfect example to understand the dimensions of 40 feet. A standard tennis court is rectangular and measures 78 feet long by 36 feet wide.

It is used for playing tennis, and the dimensions are regulated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The net that separates the court is three feet tall in the middle of the court.

So, if you’re trying to visualize half a tennis court, imagine standing on the baseline in the middle of the court. If you look down the centerline towards the net, half the distance between you and the net is 39 feet.

This distance is slightly less than 40 feet, but it’s still an excellent visual reference to help you understand the length of 40 feet.


Understanding the dimensions of 40 feet can be a bit difficult, but we hope this article has helped you realize how long 40 feet is. Whether you’re comparing it to other objects, or to a tennis court, the length becomes easier to understand when presented accurately.

In reality, 40 feet is quite a long distance!

3) 4-storey Building

Residential properties are built according to specific standards in various countries across the world. In the UK and US, regulations require that the height limit for residential homes is four storeys, which equates to approximately 43 feet.

This height limitation ensures that the homes are of an adequate size, has good ventilation, and is in compliance with local laws. A four-story building is typically quite tall, and if it’s a residential building, it is often home to multiple families.

A typical four-story building usually includes a basement, ground floor, and two additional storeys, each of which is more significant than the floor below. The height of each floor is around 10 to 12 feet, depending on the thickness of the floor and ceiling.

Therefore, the height of the building is around 40 to 48 feet. The height of a four-story building is often determined by the height of the ceilings, the thickness of the floors, and the height of the roof.

Buildings with flat roofs tend to be taller as they can accommodate the air conditioning units or solar panels, which are commonly mounted on the roof. In contrast, buildings with sloping or peaked roofs tend to be shorter.

When designing a four-story residential building, architects need to ensure that buildings remain strong during an earthquake, and that there are enough open and closed spaces to allow for adequate ventilation. Additionally, they need to ensure that the homes are accessible, convenient and safe for residents.

A well-designed four-story building can provide an excellent living space for many people.

4) Six SUV Cars

When dealing with cars, the dimensions of each vehicle differ depending on the model, make and year. SUVs, in particular, have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a range of options for people who need an off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive.

Honda CRV is a small SUV that has a height of approximately 5.5 feet and a length of about 14.3 feet. It is ideal for small families or couples who want an easy-to-drive vehicle.

Toyota RAV4 is another small SUV that measures approximately 5.7 feet in height and 15.5 feet in length. It is similar to the Honda CRV, but it offers a bit more space and power.

The BMW X5 is a mid-size SUV that is around 6.3 feet tall, and 16.9 feet long. This model comes with a 4.4-liter V8 engine, which can produce up to 456 horsepower, making it both powerful and comfortable for long drives.

The Subaru Outback is an all-wheel drive station wagon that is approximately 5.6 feet in height and 15.5 feet in length. It has ample cargo space, making it perfect for adventurers who enjoy going on road trips.

The Range Rover is a luxury SUV that comes with high-quality leather interiors and other premium features. It measures approximately 6.2 feet in height and 16.5 feet in length.

It is ideal for those who value the comfort and smooth ride offered by luxury vehicles. Jeep Wrangler is a compact SUV that measures around 6.2 feet in height and 13.8 feet in length.

It is best for those who enjoy off-roading and have a love for adventure. The dimensions of the SUVs mentioned above help to give an idea of how big six of them lined up could be.

If six of these SUV models were lined up, their height would be anywhere from 33 to 38 feet, depending on the models. The width would also vary, but it would be a good visual representation of how big six SUVs looks when placed together.

In conclusion, the dimension of SUV cars can be quite vast and can provide a visual representation of how big six SUVs can be when placed together. SUVs differ in size, and when building a four-story residential property, architects must adhere to the specific height stipulations set by the regulatory authorities.

A well-designed four-story building can provide a comfortable home for families while SUVs offer a range of options for those who want an off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive.

5) Five Smart Cars

Smart cars, also known as intelligent cars, are vehicles that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve safety, efficiency, and comfort for its driver and passengers. These vehicles are small in size, and most models are two-seaters.

The Smart Car Fortwo model is a popular choice among car enthusiasts and city dwellers who require a car for daily use. The Smart Car Fortwo is approximately 8.8 feet long and 5.5 feet wide, which is about half the length of an average SUV.

With its compact size, parking in a garage or on a busy street is much easier. The small size comes with the benefit of lower fuel consumption, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

People who drive Smart cars appreciate the convenience of owning a small vehicle that can navigate through congested city streets easily. With its excellent fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs, and compact size, it is an ideal car for many people.

6) Thirteen Hockey Sticks

A hockey stick is a long, thin stick typically made of wood, composite material or plastic. It’s used by players in the game of hockey, both on ice and on the field.

The stick has a curved end which is used to handle the ball or puck in the game. The standard length of a hockey stick used in the field hockey game is 36.5 inches, which is 3 feet long.

In contrast, the length of the hockey stick used in ice hockey is much longer, usually measuring around 5 feet or longer. But in both games, the length of the hockey stick allows players to reach the ball or puck with ease.

Hockey sticks come in different colors, and team players usually have a uniform color or design for their team. Hockey stick dimensions also vary depending on the level of the player and the preference of the player.

Elite players have teams of professionals who can customize their hockey sticks to their liking, while beginners can purchase generic ones. A hockey stick has several distinct parts, including a blade, a shaft, a grip, and a toe.

The blade is the flat part at the end of the stick used to contact the ball or puck, while the shaft is the thin, long part that players hold. The toe is the end-point of the blade that connects with the ground, and it is often reinforced with a hard material.

Thirteen hockey sticks, when arranged together, would measure more than 47 feet long. It is a testament to the length of a hockey stick compared to a human and how teams work together to achieve their goal.

Hockey is one of the fastest sports, and the length of the hockey stick helps players reach the ball or puck more effectively. In summary, the length and dimensions of hockey sticks are standard in both ice and field hockey.

Thirteen hockey sticks arranged together are incredibly long, and it showcases the importance of the length of the stick in the game. Similarly, smart cars have a compact size, making them ideal for navigating through congested city streets, while maintaining all the essential features of a car.

7) Four Basketball Hoops

Basketball is a popular sport that is enjoyed by people all over the world. A basketball hoop is a vital component of the game.

It is made up of a circular rim connected to a net and mounted on a backboard. The height of a basketball hoop is crucial to the game, and it is regulated by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States.

The NBA has set regulations for the height of a basketball hoop. It specifies that the rim should be ten feet high from the floor surface to the top of the rim.

The height is the same for both men and women who play professional basketball. The regulation height of a basketball hoop applies to all levels of the game, including those played by children aged 12 and above.

It is important to keep the height standard so that players of all levels can practice under the same conditions. As a result, basketball court surfaces are flat, hard surfaces that provide an ideal playing surface for basketball games.

Basketball is a fast-paced game that requires extreme physical athleticism from its players. The height of the basketball hoop adds an extra level of difficulty and challenge to the game.

It takes great skill and practice to jump high enough to slam dunk a basketball through the hoop.

8) Two Giraffes

Giraffes are terrestrial creatures found in the wild in Africa’s grasslands. They are known for their unique physical features, such as their extremely long necks, long legs, and large, dark eyes.

Giraffes are one of the tallest animals in the world, with males having a height of up to 16.4 feet, while females are slightly shorter, at a height of up to 19.35 feet. PBS’s Nature series took a close look at the life of giraffes in the Serengeti and Maasai Mara National Parks in Kenya.

They discovered that these majestic creatures have anatomical adaptations that allow them to thrive in their natural habitat. For instance, the giraffes’ height enables them to reach taller trees and browse plants that other animals cannot reach.

The neck and legs of a giraffe are elongated, which allows them to graze comfortably from the treetops or reach fruit from relatively higher positions in trees. Giraffes’ height also makes them vulnerable to high costs of running when they need to escape from predators, such as lions.

A running giraffe has a unique gait where they move their hind legs first, followed by their front legs. In conclusion, the height of a basketball hoop is standardized across different levels of the game.

It’s one of the essential components in basketball that adds excitement and difficulty to the sport. Similarly, giraffes are remarkable animals due to their height, which offers them significant advantages in their habitat.

Each can be examples of impressive heights in different contexts.

9) Seven Average-sized Humans

Humans are one of the most diverse species on the planet, with a wide range of physical differences based on factors such as age, gender, and ethnicity. One of the most significant physical characteristics that differentiate humans is height.

The average height of a person varies depending on several factors, including their country of origin, diet, and lifestyle.

According to recent data from the World Data Census, the average height of an American is 1.7 meters (5.6 feet) for men and 1.6 meters (5.2 feet) for women.

This data suggests that seven average-sized Americans standing shoulder to shoulder would measure around 40 feet. The height of humans has been a topic of interest for scientists and researchers who seek to understand the factors that influence a person’s height.

Genetics plays a significant role in determining a person’s height, but nutrition, exercise, and other environmental factors also have an impact.

In some countries, there is a significant difference in the height of men and women.

In the Netherlands, for example, the average male height is 1.84 meters (6 feet), while the average female height is 1.71 meters (5.6 feet). On the other hand, in some Asian countries like Japan, the average height is much lower, with men averaging 1.72 meters (5.6 feet) and women 1.59 meters (5.2 feet).

Height also plays an important role in some sports, such as basketball and volleyball. Players in these sports need to be taller to have a competitive advantage over their opponents.

In contrast, sports such as gymnastics and running don

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