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Discovering the Impressive Objects Measuring 98 Feet

Exploring Various Objects Measuring Approximately 98 FeetHave you ever wondered how tall or long certain objects are? In this article, we will explore various objects that measure approximately 98 feet, ranging from buildings and statues to waves and kites.

Through this exploration, we aim to give you a visual understanding of what 98 feet looks like and provide interesting facts about the objects we will examine. Nebuchadnezzar’s Image:

One object that measures approximately 98 feet is the golden statue of King Nebuchadnezzar, which was built during the Chaldean dynasty in Babylon.

The Bible tells us that the king ordered the construction of a statue made entirely of gold, which was 60 cubits (approximately 98 feet) tall and six cubits wide. The statue was meant to be worshipped, but the story goes that a group of Jewish men refused to bow down to it and were subsequently thrown into a fiery furnace.

Giant Wave:

In Southeast Alaska, a giant wave measuring approximately 98 feet was recorded in 1958. This wave was caused by an earthquake that struck the region, triggering a tsunami that caused widespread damage and loss of life.

The wave was so powerful that it broke trees and houses when it hit the shoreline. Half of the Leaning Tower of Pisa:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most iconic buildings in Italy, known for its distinctive lean.

The tower is approximately 183 feet tall but the tilt means half of the tower measures approximately 98 feet. The lean was caused by foundation soil that was too soft on one side, causing the tower to tilt.

It took over 200 years to complete the tower, with construction beginning in 1173. 3 Garage Doors:

To get a sense of what 98 feet looks like in terms of width, imagine three garage doors placed side by side.

The average single garage door is 8 feet wide, while a double garage door is 16 feet wide. Three garage doors would be equivalent to 24 feet, thus indicating that 98 feet is over four times wider than three garage doors.

6 Saloon Cars:

When it comes to length, 98 feet would be approximately equivalent to six saloon cars placed end to end. Saloon cars are typically around 16 feet long, so six cars would total up to 96 feet.

This means that an object measuring 98 feet in length would be slightly longer than six saloon cars. Christ the Redeemer:

One of the world’s wonders, the Christ the Redeemer statue is a stunning monument that stands over Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The statue measures approximately 98 feet, with its arms stretched out to around 92 feet wide. The statue has a unique way of protecting itself during lightning strikes – a series of lightning rods and cables which regulate the flow of electricity to the ground.

3 Volleyball Courts:

In 2018, a group in the Netherlands broke the Guinness World Record for the longest volleyball game ever played, which lasted for 42 hours on three volleyball courts arranged side by side. Each court measures 29.5 feet wide, which when added together would be equivalent to 88.5 feet, slightly shorter than 98 feet but not by much.

33 Adult Walking Steps:

George Meegan holds the record for completing the longest continuous walk in the Western Hemisphere, which he did by walking from the southernmost tip of South America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, completing a distance of 19,019 miles. He calculated the distance by taking 19,019 footsteps, which when divided by 33 adult walking steps per 98 feet equals to measuring approximately 5,782 times the length of 98 feet.

World’s Longest Bus:

The world’s longest bus was the AutoTram Extra Grand, an articulated passenger bus that was 98 feet long and had a capacity of up to 256 passengers. The bus was powered by a hybrid engine that reduced fuel consumption and was designed to increase transportation efficiency in cities.

20 Love Seats:

The origin of the term love seat dates back to the 18th century when conversations between couples, which were usually reserved for the privacy of the bedroom, moved into the living area. The love seat was then designed to accommodate two people in an intimate setting.

If you were to stack 20 of these love seats on top of each other, the resulting stack would measure approximately 98 feet high. This could be equated to a towering inferno in an environment of warmth and intimacy.

Three Large Kites:

In Japan, kite-making is seen as an art form, and the largest kite ever made was 82 feet wide by 105 feet long. When the kite was flown, it reached a height of 3,335 feet, which is equivalent to the height of 33 adult walking steps.


In conclusion, exploring various objects that measure approximately 98 feet can give us a sense of perspective and help us visualize the size or scale of certain things. From the towering statue of King Nebuchadnezzar to the iconic leaning tower of Pisa, the giant wave in Alaska, and the AutoTram Extra Grand, these objects are impressive in their own way.

We hope this article has provided you with interesting facts about these different objects and a better understanding of what 98 feet can look like. In conclusion, understanding the measurements of various objects that measure approximately 98 feet can provide a sense of scale and perspective.

From towering statues, iconic buildings, and incredible waves to giant kites and world-record volleyball games, these objects are impressive feats of human achievement and natural wonder. Learning about them can broaden our knowledge and appreciation of the world around us.

Here are some FAQs to address common questions related to the article’s central topic. FAQs:


How tall is King Nebuchadnezzar’s statue exactly? Answer: The golden statue was 60 cubits or approximately 98 feet tall.

2. What caused the giant wave in Southeast Alaska in 1958?

Answer: The giant wave was caused by a massive earthquake that triggered a tsunami. 3.

Why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean? Answer: The lean was caused by foundation soil that was too soft on one side, causing the tower to tilt.

4. What is the world’s longest bus and how long is it?

Answer: The world’s longest bus is the AutoTram Extra Grand, which measures 98 feet long. 5.

What is the largest kite ever flown and how high did it reach? Answer: The largest kite ever flown was 82 feet wide by 105 feet long and reached a height of 3,335 feet.

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