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From Wiper Blades to Soundbars: Objects That Measure 80 Centimeters

Objects That Measure 80 Centimeters

Have you ever wondered how big about 80 centimeters is? Knowing the dimensions of an object is essential in various everyday situations.

It gives you an idea of how much space the object will occupy and whether it can fit in a specific area. In this article, we will discuss various objects that measure 80 centimeters, their conversions in other units, and the importance of understanding dimensions.


Objects That Measure 80 Centimeters

1. Guitar

The standard guitar size is around 100 centimeters, but kids or smaller adults may require a smaller size.

Therefore, there are guitars that measure about 80 centimeters tailored to such demographics. Playing guitar is a great way to destress and enchant people with your music.

You can easily find suitable guitars at your local music store, but make sure you try them and confirm which size is best for you. 2.

Glass Panel

Glass panels are useful in various constructions and enclosures. This material is transparent, which makes it an excellent option for enhancing visibility and aesthetics.

You can install an 80-centimeter glass panel in your patio, terrace, or home entrance, among other areas. 3.

Keyboard Piano

A keyboard piano requires at least 61 keys to be considered a standard full-size instrument. However, there are smaller keyboard pianos specifically designed for kids or adults who require a more compact design.

An 80-centimeter keyboard piano will have approximately 49 keys required to play a variety of music genres. 4.


If you are into swordsmanship or re-enactment, an 80-centimeter sword is a perfect size. The length is portable and comfortable to carry around but still practical enough for sparring and display.

5. One-Seater Sofa

A one-seater sofa measures around 80 centimeters, making it an ideal size for small, cozy spaces.

It’s perfect for solo lounging or for a small room where you can add an extra seat for guests to sit. 6.


A doormat is essential to keep indoor spaces tidy, and an 80-centimeter doormat has enough surface area to capture dirt from shoes before entering the house. It’s crucial to have a doormat to avoid bringing in dirt and other debris from outside that could damage the floors.

7. Monitor

An 80-centimeter monitor is adequate for viewing content that requires a more extensive display, such as movies, gaming, web browsing, or office work.

It’s a sizable device that offers various features and benefits. 8.


Soundbars provide enhanced audio performance to improve your viewing or listening experience. An 80-centimeter soundbar is ideal if you have a 32- 43-inch TV.

9. Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are useful during the rainy season to clear the windshield and allow drivers to have a better view.

An 80-centimeter wiper blade is suitable for most trucks, SUVs, or large passenger cars. 10.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are stylish pieces of furniture that enhance the interior decor of any living space, offering a practical platform to place drinks and other items. An 80-centimeter coffee table is an excellent choice for small apartments or living rooms.

11. Umbrella

Umbrellas are necessary during the rainy season, and an 80-centimeter umbrella is an ideal size that is easy to carry around due to its portability.

It offers enough coverage to keep you protected from the rain without being too bulky to handle. 12.

Pet Carrier

Pet carriers are essential when traveling with pets, and an 80-centimeter carrier is perfect for carrying average-sized dogs or other small animals. Confirm the measurements of the carrier before purchasing to ensure that your pet fits comfortably.

13. Rifle Cases

Rifle cases provide sufficient storage and protection for your guns when traveling or storing them at home.

An 80-centimeter rifle case is suitable for most long guns.

Importance of Understanding


Understanding dimensions is essential when purchasing or using various objects. If you’re not familiar with dimensions, you might end up purchasing objects that do not fit in the intended spaces or ones that cannot hold the desired capacity.

Therefore, it’s important to take measurements and confirm the dimensions of any object before making a purchase. It’s also crucial to convert the dimensions into other units of measurement, especially when dealing with international measurements.

For instance, if you’re buying an object online from a foreign country that measures in inches, you need to convert it to centimeters to ensure compatibility. In conclusion, understanding dimensions is essential when purchasing or using various objects.

Knowing the dimensions of common objects such as an 80-centimeter guitar, glass panel, keyboard piano, sword, one-seater sofa, doormat, monitor, soundbar, wiper blades, coffee table, umbrella, pet carrier, and rifle cases, among others, is important in making informed decisions. Always take measurements and convert them to other units for ease of identification and compatibility with other objects.

Glass panels and

Keyboard Pianos

In the modern era, glass panels and keyboard pianos have become essential in our day-to-day lives. From homes, offices to public places, both glass panels and keyboard pianos are crucial components that add aesthetic appeal to any environment.

In this article, we will discuss the various uses of glass panels and different sizes of keyboard pianos suited for professionals, beginners, and kids.

Glass Panel Usage

Glass panels offer a unique combination of functionality and versatibility, making them ideal for use in various objects. Below are some of the ways that glass panels are used:



Windows are one of the most common uses of glass panels in residential and commercial spaces. Glass panels allow natural light to flow inside a building, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and creating a warmer and brighter space.

There is a wide range of glass panels used in windows, ranging from tempered, laminated, and insulated glass, among others. 2.


Glass panel doors are trendy in modern homes and office spaces. They feature a large or small glass panel in the middle of the door, depending on the user’s preference, making them visually appealing and offering natural light to flow into a room.

3. Showers

Glass panels are also used in bathrooms for shower stalls.

Shower stalls made of glass panels offer an elegant touch to the bathroom’s interior design and enhance the illusion of space. 4.


Glass panels also have their place in furniture, and dressers with glass panel finishes add an aesthetic touch to any room. They are used to showcase special objects such as bottles, vases, sculptures, and other delicate objects without compromising their integrity.

Customizable Sizes

Glass panels come in different sizes to cater for varying requirements. When purchasing a glass panel, it’s essential to consider the amount of space available and your desired usage.

Typically, glass panels come in industry-standard sizes, but custom sizes are available to tailor-fit to your exact needs. To order custom-sized glass panels, you can approach any reputable glass company, and they will cut the glass to the requested size.

Keyboard Pianos

Keyboard pianos are popular musical instruments used worldwide in homes, recording studios, and music halls. They come in different sizes, catering to the needs of professionals, intermediate, and beginner players.

Below are the main differences in keyboards sized for various types of players:

Different Sizes for Professionals, Beginners, and Intermediates

1. Electric Pianos

Electric pianos come in different sizes ranging from compact designs that you can easily store and transport to large models that offer a traditional piano playing experience.

It’s essential to consider the model’s features you desire before purchasing an electric piano, such as weighted keys, hammer action and pedal control. 2.

Analog Pianos

Analog pianos are available in standard sizes suited for intermediate and professional musicians. Analog pianos might take up a lot of space, especially grand pianos, but offer an authentic playing experience that makes the investment worth it.

It’s important to research the different types of analog piano models available to find one that matches your music preferences.

Number of Keys for Beginners and Intermediates

Beginners should necessarily start with a smaller keyboard to get familiar with the different chords and notes effectively. A keyboard with 66 keys is the perfect size for kids who are just starting with piano lessons.

However, intermediate players might require a larger keyboard, with at least 88 keys, to play complex music pieces.

Length of Keyboards for Kids

For parents looking to buy a keyboard for their kids, a smaller size is recommended. Starting with 66 keys and gradually moving towards a higher number of keys is the ideal progression for kids.

It’s important to keep in mind that kids might outgrow smaller keyboards, so it’s necessary to upgrade to a larger keyboard as they progress. In conclusion, glass panels and keyboard pianos are crucial components in designing any space, and choosing the right size is essential.

Understanding the uses and size requirements of both glass panels and keyboard pianos can go a long way in making a knowledgeable purchase.

Swords and

One-Seater Sofas

Swords and one-seater sofas are two objects that have been in use for centuries. While swords have been used for defense, attack, and ceremonial purposes, one-seater sofas have become a popular choice for people living in small apartments.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of swords, their lengths, and the weight of swords. We also cover the size comparison of one-seater sofas to other sofas and their accommodation capacity.

Types of Swords and their Lengths

Swords are classified into different categories depending on their length, blade design, and handle type. Below are some of the types, and their respective lengths:


One-Handed Sword

Also known as a single-edged sword, this type of sword has a length of approximately 75-90cm(29-35inches) from tip to pommel. It is commonly used during combat and has a shorter handle that allows for easy maneuverability.

2. Longsword

Longswords have a standard length of 110-140cm(43-55 inches) and a double-edged blade.

The long handle allows for two-handed grip, which improves the overall balance and swing. 3.

Blade Length

Swords can also be classified according to their blade length, such as the short sword (45-60cm/18-24inches), medium sword (65-90cm/26-35 inches), and long sword (100-130cm/39-51inches).

Weight of the Sword

The weight of a sword is an essential aspect to consider before purchasing a sword. Swords come in different weights ranging from 1.5 to over 3 pounds.

One-handed swords usually weigh between 1.5-2 pounds, which allows for preciseness and quick movement. On the other hand, longswords can weigh up to three pounds, which enhances their momentum and striking power.

One-Seater Sofas

One-seater sofas, also known as loveseats, cater to individuals who prefer a comfortable and cozy seating option. They have become increasingly popular in modern times, especially for individuals living in smaller apartments with limited space.

Below are some aspects to consider when purchasing a one-seater sofa:

Size Comparison to Other Sofas

One-seater sofas come in varying sizes, but generally, they are smaller than the standard three-seat sofa, with a width range of 70-110cm(27-43 inches). This makes them portable and easy to move around while retaining the comfort of a sofa.

Accommodation Capacity

One-seater sofas have an accommodation capacity for up to two people, making them a perfect solution for couples or individuals who prefer personalized and intimate seating arrangements. They are also suitable for smaller spaces that require a comfortable seating option.

In conclusion, swords and one-seater sofas are essential components for enhancing our experiences in everyday life. Understanding the different types of swords and their respective lengths and weights will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a sword.

One-seater sofas, on the other hand, cater to individuals who prefer a comfortable and cozy seating option, and understanding their capacity and comparison to other sofas will help you choose the right option for your home.

Doormats and Monitors

Doormats and monitors might seem like unrelated objects at first glance, but they share a common, essential purpose in bringing comfort and convenience to our daily lives. Doormats help keep our indoor and outdoor spaces clean and free from dirt and debris, while monitors improve our work productivity by expanding our computational workspace.

In this article, we will discuss the indoor-outdoor usage and dimensions of doormats and the benefits of using large monitors in professional environments.

Indoor-Outdoor Usage and

Dimensions of Doormats

Doormats, also known as welcome mats, are essential household items to keep your indoor and outdoor spaces clean. Below are some uses and dimensions of doormats to consider:


Indoor Usage

Doormats used indoors are designed to capture dirt and debris from shoes, keeping your floors cleaner for longer periods. Placing them in front of doorways, especially during the rainy season, can protect your polished floors or carpets from mud and dust.

Indoor doormats are available in various sizes, ranging from 40-80cm(16-31 inches) in length and 60cm(24 inches) in width, suitable for small or large spaces. 2.

Outdoor Usage

Outdoor doormats are suitable for protecting exterior spaces such as patios, decks, or garages from dirt and debris. They are designed to withstand the weather elements and are available in various sizes, ranging from 60-120cm(24-47 inches) in length and 90cm(35 inches) in width.


When purchasing a doormat, the dimensions are an essential aspect to consider. The length of the mat should be long enough to ensure that you take at least two steps before entering the house or room.

This ensures that most of the dirt and debris are captured by the mat before stepping on your floors. Ensure that the width of the mat fits the door or outside space and still has enough space to accommodate any obstructions such as plants or furniture.

Increased Usage of Large Monitors in Professional Environments

Large monitors have become increasingly popular in professional environments such as offices, design studios, and trading floors. With the advent of technology, the integration of large screens allows professionals to work efficiently and with better productivity.

Below are some benefits of using a large monitor:

1. More Display Space

A large monitor allows for better multitasking, which improves work productivity.

Instead of toggling between multiple tabs on smaller screens or monitors, a large screen allows you to view multiple applications, documents, or spreadsheets simultaneously, making it easier to work on complex projects. 2.

Two Small Screens in One

Using a large monitor with split-screen functionality offers the benefits of using two screens while minimizing desk clutter. Split-screen technology allows you to divide the screen into multiple smaller screens, each displaying different applications.

3. Ideal for Designers

Designers often require large screens that display high-resolution images and graphics for their work.

A large monitor offers high-definition images, allowing them to showcase their projects with clarity. In conclusion, doormats and large monitors are essential components for enhancing comfort and work productivity.

When purchasing a doormat, ensure that you consider indoor-outdoor usage and the dimensions to accommodate enough space for walking before entering the house or room. Large monitors in professional environments offer better multitasking, better graphic representation, and excellent split-screen functionality, among other benefits.

Understanding their features will assist in choosing the right one suitable for your workspace.

Soundbars and Wiper Blades

Soundbars and wiper blades are two objects that might seem unrelated but serve essential functions in our everyday lives. Soundbars provide an alternative to surround-sound systems, while wiper blades ensure we have a clear view while driving in wet conditions.

In this article, we will discuss the convenience of using a soundbar, their size comparison, the range of wiper blade sizes available for different

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