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Spotting Fake Squishmallows: A Guide for Collectors

Introduction to Squishmallows

Plush toys are not uncommon, with collectors swooning over the likes of Beanie Babies and Barbie in years past. However, today’s every-changing world has a new toy in town, Squishmallows.

As plush toys take on new life, Squishmallows have burst onto the scene with an almost meteoric rise in popularity. These collectible dolls come in different sizes and shapes, making them a hit among kids and adults alike.

In this article, we will dive into the history, sizes, and costs of Squishmallows.

History of Squishmallows

It all began with a Walgreens exclusive product that quickly became popular in the plush toy community. Squishmallows caught the attention of many, with their distinct, lovable character designs.

The stuffed creatures garnered massive attention and quickly became a fixture in the world of collectibles.

Squishmallow Sizes

Sizes Available

Squishmallows come in a wide range of sizes, catering to different preferences. The three main sizes include clip-on, small, medium, and large, each being further categorized into different subcategories.

For instance, the clip-on variation measures about four inches tall and is popular for its small and portable size.

Cost of Squishmallows

Squishmallows are available at different price points. Depending on the size and rarity, prices can range from as little as $3 to up to $50.

These prices make Squishmallows affordability much more apparent than other collector dolls popping up in the market.

Common Squishmallow Sizes


Squishmallows are available in various sizes, and the tiniest size measures about ten centimeters tall. These tiny toys can be easily carried around, and each one comes with specific characters and themes, adding to their individuality.


The small-sized Squishmallows are between three and half to six inches in height, making them ideal for cuddling. This size also includes the popular clip-on Squishmallows.

At this size, the price is often the cheapest, so they’re great for those starting with Squishmallows or as gifts.


Medium Squishmallows measure about thirteen to sixteen inches in height, allowing for a more substantial and huggable experience. They are perfect for children and adults who prefer a stuffed animal they can hold for longer periods while enjoying various activities.


Large Squishmallows measure between nineteen and twenty inches, making them the most substantial form of Squishmallows. They offer the most significant cuddling experience, and they are durable, often retaining their excellent shape even after extensive use.


Squishmallows are fun, affordable and a genius addition to the plush toy business. Their various sizes and shapes give endless options for varying preferences, and their availability at different price points gives ability to access them much easier than collectibles like the Funko Pop.

From small to large, Squishmallows make a great gift or addition to any toy collection. With their distinct character, Squishmallows will offer something different and exciting to your toy or stuffed animal collection.

Squishmallows are incredibly popular, and not surprisingly, there has been a rise in fraudulent copies or knock-offs. These fakes have circulated in the secondary market, with some of them reaching high prices, making it crucial that you learn how to tell apart a genuine Squishmallow from a counterfeit.

In this article, we will identify the key features of fake Squishmallows and teach you how to spot an authentic one.

Rise of Fake Squishmallows

With Squishmallows gaining popularity, knock-off copies of these plush toys have begun to surface in the market. They are sold on various unauthorized websites and marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

The copies have become more widespread and harder to spot, leading to collectors getting duped into paying top dollar for fake items.

Identifying features of Authentic Squishmallows

ID Number

One of the primary features of authentic Squishmallows is the identification (ID) number. The ID has been introduced to identify each Squishmallow uniquely, and it is a critical feature to look out for when purchasing.

This ID is a small tag attached to the Squishmallow and contains a series of letters and numbers.


The material quality of a Squishmallow is one of its defining features. Authentic Squishmallows are made of high-quality, soft, and squishy material resembling marshmallows.

The fabric texture should have an overall velvety appearance that is not too shiny. The fabric should also be soft to the touch, not itchy or rough.


Squishmallows come in a broad range of colors, and their colors are often the first indicator of authenticity. The colors of real Squishmallows will never be too bright or too dull, often even and very pleasing to the eye.


The price is an essential factor to consider when buying Squishmallows. Authentic Squishmallows will be priced in a similar range according to size and rarity.

As a general rule, if a Squishmallow is priced significantly lower than what it should be selling for, it is likely a fake. Comparing prices in different stores and websites could also prevent mistakes from being made.

Importance of Avoiding Fakes

Collector’s Investment

Collectors invest in Squishmallows with the expectation of acquiring rare, and unique items. Often the thrill of collecting Squishmallows is the ability to find and own specific, authentic ones, which are hard to find.

Buying fake Squishmallows could ruin the thrill of being a collector and make the investment an unenjoyable, and a frustrating task.

Financial Loss

Buying fake Squishmallows could lead to financial loss and leave collectors with just a stuffed animal that is not genuine. Often, fake Squishmallows would be priced in inflated prices for them to look like the real, creating an involved and frustration experience for collectors.


Fake Squishmallows can be challenging to spot, but knowing the essential features of authentic Squishmallows can guide collectors on what to look out for when purchasing a Squishmallow. The ID number, texture, color, and price of the toy are critical factors to check for, and if done right, the possibility of buying a fake would be greatly reduced.

It is important to remember that collecting Squishmallows is about enjoying and investing in something unique and authentic. A fake Squishmallow can never replace the satisfaction and joy of owning a true original.

In conclusion, Squishmallows are lovable and unique stuffed animals that come in various sizes and price ranges. With the rise of fakes, it is crucial to pay close attention to specific features like the ID number, texture, and color of the toy to ensure that it’s authentic.

Owning authentic Squishmallows can be a satisfying investment that brings joy and excitement to collectors young and old. Below are some FAQs to help guide you in your Squishmallow journey.


Q: What makes Squishmallows different from other plush toys? A: Squishmallows are unique plush toys known for their distinct character designs and velvety and squishy texture, making them ideal for cuddling.

Q: How do I identify a fake Squishmallow? A: Look for an ID number, check the fabric texture and color of the Squishmallow, and consider the price.

Fakes are often priced significantly lower than the authentic ones. Q: What sizes are Squishmallows available in?

A: Squishmallows come in different sizes, including clip-on, small, medium, and large, with each category having further subcategories. Q: How much do Squishmallows cost?


Prices vary according to size, rarity, and location. Generally, Squishmallows’ price range is affordable compared to other collectibles in the market.

Q: Are Squishmallows suitable for both kids and adults? A: Yes, they appeal to a variety of age groups.

Squishmallows are loved by kids for their cute designs and adults for their unique shape and comfort.

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