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Standing Out: The Power of Standees in Modern Marketing

Standees: Eye-Catching and Versatile Marketing Tools

As businesses continue to look for ways to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, more and more marketers are turning to standees as a creative, cost-effective way to promote their brands. Whether it’s a banner standee, cutout standee, or any other type, these versatile marketing tools are designed to attract attention and make a bold statement.

From small table-top displays to gigantic 8 x 8-foot standees, these visuals can be seen at trade shows, conventions, retail stores, movie theaters, and many other locations. They can be used to showcase products, introduce a new brand, or simply to reinforce an existing image.

Types of Standees

There are several popular types of standees in the market. One of the most common types of standees is the banner standees.

As the name suggests, banner standees are large, vertically stacked banners. These are usually made of high-quality fabric or vinyl that is easy to clean and maintain.

Another type of standee is a cutout standee. These are usually made of cardboard, PVC, or other lightweight materials and come in various shapes and sizes including custom shapes.

Often seen at movie theaters, these are cutouts of famous people, characters or objects related to the movie that is being displayed.

Sizes of Standees

The dimensions for standees vary depending on the need, the space available, and the creativity of marketers. Most common sizes for banner standees are 2.5X6 feet, 3X6 feet, and 8X8 feet.

Cutout standees can be anywhere from 4-6 feet to 8 feet tall.

Setting up a Banner Standee

Setting up a banner standee is very easy. Once you’ve unpacked the unit, you can assemble the frame using the aluminum poles and base.

Next, you’ll want to insert a circular piece of aluminum into the base’s groove, attach a canvas sheet to the top of the poles, and secure them to the base. And that’s it! You’ve got yourself a vertical, upright display.

Advantages of Standees

Standees are great marketing tools for a lot of reasons. They are eye-catching and detailed, allowing businesses to present their offers, products, or services at a size that commands attention.

Standees are simple to use, inexpensive to produce, and highly adaptable, allowing you to switch them out for new designs and concepts as needed.

Disadvantages of Standees

One of the main disadvantages of standees is their limited reach. While they can be very effective in a retail setting or a trade show booth, they are not suitable for outdoor settings, especially when it’s windy.

Also, they are not weatherproof, and can quickly become damaged or unsightly after repeated exposure to moisture or heavy rain.

Comparison between Standees and Sandwich Boards

When it comes to choosing a marketing tool, many business owners often wonder whether they should go for standees or sandwich boards. Here are some key comparisons between the two:


Standees come in a variety of sizes, including giant 8 x 8-foot versions and small table-top displays. Sandwich boards, on the other hand, typically come in two standard sizes, 28 x 44 inches, and 29 x 55 inches.


Standees usually come with a sturdy aluminum frame, and they can be used indoors and outdoors. Sandwich boards, on the other hand, often come with lightweight plastic or wooden frames and are not as durable.


While standees allow for complete replacement of the banner or whiteboard displays, sandwich boards only allow the replacement of the inner chalkboard or display panel. This upfront cost for the sandwich board can be quite expensive.


Standees are a versatile and cost-effective marketing tool that can help businesses to stand out and attract the attention of their target audience. With a wide range of options available, they can be used in a variety of settings and customized to suit your specific needs.

Remember to consider their limitations and disadvantages when choosing the right tool and use them accordingly. In conclusion, standees are an effective and affordable marketing tool that can help businesses to promote their brand, products, or services.

With an eye-catching design and the ability to customize different shapes and sizes, standees can attract new customers and boost brand recognition. While they have their limitations, their versatility and adaptability make them a go-to for many marketers.

If you’re considering standees, be sure to identify your target audience, decide on the right size, and factor in the location to ensure an effective campaign. Here are a few FAQs that might help answer questions you might have about standees:

– What material is best for creating a standee?

Canvas sheet or vinyl is the best for banner standees, while cardboard or PVC is suitable for cutout standees. – Are standees easy to assemble?

Yes, standees are easy to assemble. You just need to follow the instructions and attach the frame, poles, base, and canvas sheet or cardboard cutout.

– Where can standees be displayed? Standees can be displayed at trade shows, retail stores, movie theaters, reception areas, and other indoor locations.

– Are standees weatherproof? No, they are not weatherproof and can be damaged by rain or moisture.

Avoid using them in areas where they may be exposed to these elements. – What’s the lifespan of a standee?

Standees can last up to several years, depending on usage and maintenance. Store them in a dry area and clean them regularly to extend their lifespan.

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