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The Length of 79 Feet: Exploring Fascinating Objects and Animals

Discover the Fascinating World of 79 Feet – From Viking Boats to Blue Whales

Imagine a Viking boat sailing through the waves, gliding past big SUVs parked on the shore, or a tennis court stretching 79 feet in length. Whether comparing a garden hose to a 79 feet long Airbus A380 or the famous hills of Scotland, the length of 79 feet is both fascinating and intriguing.

This article will explore not only objects that are 79 feet in length but also compare them to other objects and animals in the ecosystem. Objects/Things that are Approximately 79 Feet Long

Viking Boat – Longships, Battle, Surprise Attacks

Viking boats, also known as longships, were formidable sea vessels used in trade, exploration, and warfare.

These wooden vessels could range between 20 to 75 feet in length, with larger boats able to carry up to 100 men. The iconic ships were utilized in surprise attacks and raids, and their design allowed them to navigate shallow waters with ease.

With the Vikings’ unmatched expertise, they were able to construct the ships in their Viking halls, and the boats could withstand even the most turbulent seas. Garden Hose – Customized, Water Pressure, Length

Garden hoses are a crucial home utility tool that saves time and offers convenience in watering plants and lawns.

A 79 feet long garden hose is customizable to specific water pressure and length requirements. Some factors that influence the hose’s length are proximity of spigots, garden design, or even location and access to a water source.

Additionally, longer hoses can be more challenging to handle, and the proper water pressure will be necessary to efficiently reach the watering zones. Garden hoses have a varying thickness, flexibility, and material, making it essential to shop around and read informative reviews before making a final purchase.

Airbus A380 – Airliner, Passenger Capacity, Two-story Airplane

The Airbus A380 is a double-decker airplane designed to transport large volumes of passengers over long distances. With a length of 238 feet and the ability to carry up to 853 passengers, the A380 has become a popular airplane in the commercial industry.

The A380’s enormous main deck seating area offers cheaper economy rates, making travel more accessible to people worldwide. Despite its size, the Airbus A380 is a relatively quiet airplane, and its innovative engines efficiently reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Five Large SUVs – Pedestrian Fatalities, Length, Ford Expedition

Five large SUVs, lined up next to each other, would have a total length of approximately 79 feet. These SUVs’ sizes pose significant safety hazards to drivers and pedestrians alike, resulting in higher rates of fatalities when involved in accidents.

The Ford Expedition, one of the larger SUV models, boasts a length of 210.0 inches and a mixed MPG of 23 miles per gallon. Due to these SUVs’ high heights and weight, they may offer a higher protection rate from crashes, but their lengths can significantly increase danger and make navigation in tight spaces extremely complicated.

Parking Spaces – Location, Size, Number in the US

A standard parking lot in America usually accommodates approximately eight 7.5 feet-wide parking spaces. If all parked in a single file, they would cover a distance of about 81 feet long.

The size of parking space can vary depending on the location and local regulations. For instance, airport parking might have unique dimensions, while other parking spaces in busy cities might be relatively smaller.

The United States has an average of 800+ million parking spaces. However, the sheer number of parked cars can negatively impact the environment and cause several issues, including pollution and traffic congestion.

Tennis Court – Length, Width, World records

A standard tennis court has a length of 78 feet, and the width is roughly 27 feet for singles and 36 feet for doubles matches. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) maintains strict regulations regarding the size limitations and maintain a standard playing surface.

Tennis has evolved over the years, and the courts’ designs have changed, with new surfaces engineered for better grip and reduced player injuries. The game has also seen great players set multiple records at various tournaments, and some of these records are still standing centuries later.

Statue of Lord Buddha – Height, Location, Nickname

The Great Buddha statue located in Japan stands approximately 79 feet tall and is also famous as the Daibutsu statue. The statue was constructed over 749 AD 790 AD using copper and bronze components.

It was built in the Nara province in Tokugawa during the Nara Period. However, the statue is not the largest in the world, as the Spring Temple Buddha located in China holds the current record at 128 meters high.

Blue Whales – Largest Animal, Length, Babies, World Records

Blue whales are the largest animals in the world, and their sizes can vary from 79 feet to over 100 feet in length. These mammals can weigh as much as 200 tons and primarily feed on krill – tiny sea crustaceans.

Blue whales’ vocalizations are the loudest in the animal kingdom, and their low-frequency sounds can travel up to 1,000 miles in the ocean water. Additionally, these marine mammals have the biggest babies in the world.

Newborn baby blue whales are usually around 24 feet long and can weigh up to three tons. Today, blue whales are protected worldwide, with numerous conservation efforts underway.

Python and Anaconda – Longest Snake, Average Size, World Records

Combining the length of both a python and an anaconda produces an estimated 79 feet long snake. The python and anaconda are both constrictor snakes and the heaviest snakes with lengths that can reach up to 30 feet.

These snakes’ average sizes vary depending on their species and their habitat, making conservation strategies much more crucial. Human activities such as poaching, hunting, and habitat destruction can lead to the decline of these animals.

For instance, reticulated pythons are frequently targeted for their meat, while anacondas have been hunted for their skins. Scotland Hills – Mountains, Country, Elevation

The Hills of Scotland are a must-see sight for anyone looking to experience breathtaking views, whether from the summit of a hill or looking out over a vast valley.

The largest of the hills, Ben Nevis, is Scotland’s highest mountain, with an elevation of approximately 4,413 feet. Scotland has over 30 mountain ranges across the country, ranging from the Southern Uplands to the Northwest Highlands.

Numerous historical events, as well as Harry Potter’s movies, often showcase the Scotland hill ranges as unique tourism attractions. Swimming Pool – Pool Water, Tap Water, Length

A standard Olympic swimming pool has a length of approximately 82 feet long by 164 feet wide.

It can hold up to 660,000 gallons of water and is typically filled with tap water or well water. After filling, it goes through a water treatment system to ensure that the water is clean and safe for swimmers.

Swimming is considered a low-impact physical exercise and has several benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. However, proper safety measures are essential when swimming in public waters to avoid any incidents.

Comparing Lengths of 79 Feet to Other Objects and Animals

Viking Boat vs. 79 Feet – Quality, Pirates, Length Comparison

While a Viking boat is significantly smaller than 79 feet, the boats’ size and construction allowed Viking seafarers to navigate the most challenging waters and complete their journeys safely.

The boats’ design also enabled them to conduct surprise attacks, and the boats’ construction made them difficult to detect by other ships on an open sea. Garden Hose vs.

79 Feet – Size, Water Pressure, Safety

Garden hoses and 79 feet objects may have similarities in size; however, their purposes and applications are very different. A garden hose is a practical utility item for daily use, while a 79 feet object may pose significant safety hazards due to its size and weight.

Airbus A380 vs. 79 Feet – size, weight, landing restrictions

While both an Airbus A380 and 79 feet objects are large, the A380’s enormous size and weight make it more challenging to land than a smaller aircraft.

Landing restrictions and airspace regulations vary based on the airport’s location, runway dimensions, and noise level ordinances. Five Large SUVs vs.

79 Feet – Pedestrian Fatalities, Length Comparison, Biggest SUV

Comparing pedestrian fatalities and length, five large SUVs have the potential to pose significant safety risks on the road. One of the larger SUV models, the Ford Expedition, is almost 80 feet long, with a high center of gravity that contributes to the SUV’s accidents causing rollovers.

Parking Spaces vs. 79 Feet – size, location, number comparison

Parking spaces and 79 feet objects help in different aspects of our daily lives.

Parking spaces are crucial for those with cars, providing them with a secure location to park their vehicles, while 79 feet objects are a source of entertainment, form of transportation, and other daily convenience. Tennis Court vs.

79 Feet – length comparison, world records

While both a tennis court and 79 feet objects have a similar length range, their purposes are different. The rules and regulations of tennis require that a tennis court be precise to regulate the game’s playing field and provide a fair playing opportunity for all players.

Statue of Lord Buddha vs. 79 Feet – height, location, nickname

The Great Buddha statue in Japan and 79 feet objects are very different in every aspect.

The statue stands at 79 feet tall, and it is a famous religious monument in Japan, while a 79-foot object could serve many different purposes. Blue Whales vs.

79 Feet – Length Comparison, Biggest Animal, Babies

While a blue whale and a 79-foot object have similarities in length, a blue whale is the largest animal in the world, and their role in maintaining ecological balance is invaluable. Blue whales’ offspring are famous for being the biggest babies globally, and their vocalizations and songs are considered among the most beautiful sounds in the animal kingdom.

Python and Anaconda vs. 79 Feet – Longest Snake, Average Size, World Records

Comparing the length of a python, an anaconda, and a 79-foot object is fascinating and informative; however, it is crucial to remember that these snakes play a fundamental role in the ecosystem, and their lengths and weights can significantly vary depending on their species and habitat.

Scotland Hills vs. 79 Feet – country, mountain ranges, elevation comparison

While Scotland hills and 79 feet objects are completely different from each other, their uniqueness is captivating and offers a memorable experience for their respective purposes.

Scotland hills offer a spectacular view of the historical country and are home to numerous hiking trails and a potential source of adventure tourism. Swimming Pool vs.

79 Feet – Length Comparison, Water Safety, World Records

Swimming pools and 79 feet objects may have similarities in length; however, safety measures and regulations differ significantly. A swimming pool requires proper maintenance and safety measures to avoid accidents; otherwise, it can result in fatalities or injuries.

In contrast, other 79 feet objects have their unique safety and maintenance protocols.


The length of 79 feet is an intriguing number that has sparked interest and curiosity towards various objects, animals, and landmarks worldwide. From Viking boats to Scotland hills, a 79-foot object offers a diverse range of experiences and applications.

Comparing these objects to other animals, landmarks, and objects helps capture its uniqueness and widely open opportunities for new perspectives. In conclusion, the length of 79 feet has led to a fascinating exploration of objects, animals, and landmarks worldwide.

From the massive Airbus A380 to the towering Great Buddha statue, it is clear that size matters in different ways, depending on the context. Understanding various objects’ length provides insights into its unique properties, potential dangers, and its contributions to the ecosystem.

Exploring these lengths can also broaden our perspectives and help us appreciate the world around us.



What is the significance of a Viking boat’s length? The Viking boat’s length played a crucial role in the ship’s maneuverability, enabling the Vikings to navigate the most turbulent waters.

2. What is the maximum passenger capacity of an Airbus A380?

An Airbus A380 can carry up to 853 passengers, making it the largest double-decker airplane in the world. 3.

How many parking spaces are available in the United States? There are over 800 million parking spaces in the United States.

4. What is the largest animal in the world?

The blue whale is the largest animal globally, measuring between 79 to over 100 feet in length. 5.

What is the average length of a python and an anaconda? Both a python and an anaconda have average lengths of approximately 30 feet.

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