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Uncovering the Bat Specs & Supplier Behind Mike Trout’s Success

Mike Trout’s Bat Size and Supplier: Everything You Need to Know

From Babe Ruth’s signature Louisville Slugger to Barry Bonds’ Sam Bat, baseball players have a long history of using personalized bats. The same goes for Mike Trout, the talented center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels.

In this article, we’ll delve into the specs of his bat and discover the supplier behind it. Bat Size of Mike Trout’s Bat

Mike Trout’s bat measures 33.5 inches in length and has a 2.5-inch diameter barrel.

It also has a 29/32 inch handle and weighs 31.5 ounces. With these dimensions, it’s clear that the bat is relatively long, heavy, and has a sizeable hitting surface area.

Supplier of Mike Trout’s Bat

Old Hickory is the supplier of Mike Trout’s bat, which is officially called the MT27 model. This bat is certified for use in Major League Baseball (MLB), which means that it meets the high standards set by the league.

Features of the Old Hickory MT27 Baseball Bat

The MT27 model is made of Northern White ash wood, which is known for its excellent strength and durability. Additionally, the bat has a balanced swing weight, which means that it’s not top-heavy or bottom-heavy.

This feature helps make the bat easier to swing, and it’s especially useful for players who want to hit for contact. Another notable feature of the MT27 bat is its long barrel, which provides the player with a larger sweet spot area.

A larger sweet spot means that the bat is more forgiving if the ball doesn’t make perfect contact with the bat’s surface area. The bat also comes with a pro cup end cap, which helps to balance the bat and reduce vibration.

Quality of Old Hickory Bats

Old Hickory is a top 5 supplier for MLB players, making it one of the most trusted names in the world of baseball. The company has been around since 1999 and prides itself on producing high-quality bats for pro players.

One reason why many MLB players prefer Old Hickory bats is because of their comfort. The company offers a range of models that are tailored to the player’s preferences, which means that each bat is designed to fit the player’s hands and swing style.

This level of customization helps minimize discomfort and fatigue during play.


In conclusion, Mike Trout’s bat is a product of Old Hickory, a company that’s known for its high-quality baseball bats. The MT27 model is made of Northern White ash wood and has a balanced swing weight, long barrel, and pro cup end cap.

With these features, it’s clear that the bat is designed to provide players with comfort and performance.

Other Sizes and Weights of Baseball Bats

In Major League Baseball, there are certain size and weight requirements that bats have to meet. The diameter of the barrel can’t exceed 2.61 inches, and the maximum weight of a bat is 54 ounces.

However, players rarely use bats that heavy, and the most commonly used size and weight for MLB bats is 32 inches and 32-34 ounces. While there are minimum weight requirements for bats in organized baseball at lower levels, there’s no maximum weight requirement.

As a result, some players, particularly those who hit for power, prefer to use heavier bats than what’s commonly used in the MLB. Players like Joe Adell of the Angels, for instance, use bats that weigh 42 ounces.

When it comes to choosing the right bat, it’s crucial to find one that feels natural in your hands, and one that you can easily swing repeatedly without tiring out. Many professional players prefer to use bats that range between 32 and 34 inches in length and around 30 ounces in weight.

Making a Baseball Bat

Making a baseball bat is a process that requires precision and attention to detail. For a custom-built bat like Mike Trout’s, a player can expect to wait around 3-6 weeks to receive the finished product.

The first step in making a baseball bat is to choose the type of wood. Old Hickory uses Northern White ash wood, which is known for its durability and strength.

From there, the wood is turned on a lathe to create the desired shape. The handle is then shaved down to the desired thickness and width, while the barrel is sanded to achieve the desired diameter.

One of the reasons Old Hickory is such a popular supplier for professional players is because they offer a high level of customization, making each bat unique to the player. Players like Mike Trout require bats with very specific measurements and specifications, which are tailored to their individual swing style and preferences.

Old Hickory’s custom bats can be made with different types of wood, such as maple or birch, and players can choose different finishes, colors, and even engravings. Some players might also ask for specific features, such as a special knob shape or a thinner handle.


In conclusion, while there are specific size and weight requirements for bats used in Major League Baseball, there’s a wide range of bats that professional players use. Along with the MT27 model used by Mike Trout and the 32-inch 32-34-ounce bat that’s commonly used in the MLB, some players prefer to use bats that are heavier or have slightly different dimensions.

Making a baseball bat is a complex process that involves many steps, from selecting the type of wood to creating the final shape and finish. Suppliers like Old Hickory offer customization options that allow players to create personalized bats that meet their individual needs and preferences.

In summary, the article delved into the specifications of Mike Trout’s bat, the supplier of the bat, the range of acceptable sizes and weights for baseball bats in Major League Baseball, and the process of making a baseball bat. The MT27 model by Old Hickory, made of Northern White ash wood, is one of the most popular bats used in the MLB.

Customization is a crucial aspect of bat-making, as it helps players find the right fit and feel. In the end, finding the perfect bat is a crucial aspect of a player’s success, and understanding the intricacies around it can help in achieving that success.


1. Can players use any size and weight of baseball bat in Major League Baseball?

No, bats have to meet specific size and weight requirements set by the MLB, including a maximum diameter of 2.61 inches and a maximum weight of 54 ounces. 2.

What is the most commonly used size and weight for MLB bats? The most commonly used size and weight for MLB bats is 32 inches and 32-34 ounces.

3. What is the time required to receive a custom-built bat from Old Hickory?

Players can expect to wait around 3-6 weeks to receive a custom-built bat from Old Hickory. 4.

What customization requirements do professional players like Mike Trout have for their bats? Professional players like Mike Trout require specific measurements and specifications that are tailored to their individual swing style and preferences, including the type of wood used, knob shape, handle thickness, and barrel diameter.

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