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Unexpected Objects: Exploring the Fascinating World of 35-Foot Long Items

Things that are 35 Feet Long: Exploring the Unexpected

When we think of objects that are 35 feet long, the first thing that may come to mind is a yellow school bus. However, there are many other items that span this length, some of which may surprise you.

Whether it’s walking strides, horse sleeping habits, or the largest collection of surfboards, these objects all have their own unique story to tell. In this article, we’ll dive into some fun and interesting facts about objects that measure 35 feet in length.

Yellow School Bus

When it comes to things that measure 35 feet, the yellow school bus is probably the most common. This iconic mode of transportation has been around for over 100 years and is still going strong.

One interesting fact about yellow school buses is that the color was specifically chosen for safety reasons. In 1939, a conference of transportation officials was held to discuss how to improve school bus safety.

It was decided that a standard color should be chosen for all school buses so that they could be easily recognized as carrying children. Yellow was chosen as it was found to be the easiest color to see from a distance.

57 Pencils

When we think of a pencil, we might imagine a regular-sized one that’s around 6 inches long. However, the largest pencil in the world was created by BIC and measures a whopping 1,080 feet in length.

While that may be an extreme example, there are many other pencils that span 35 feet in length. To put that into perspective, you could line up 57 regular-sized pencils side by side and they would measure 35 feet in length.

10 Mailboxes

When we think of mailboxes, we typically picture a small metal box mounted on a post. However, the United States Postal Service has many large collection boxes that measure up to 35 feet in length.

These boxes are used for collecting and processing large volumes of mail and can be found in busy areas such as airports and commercial districts. It’s estimated that the USPS processes around 500 million pieces of mail every day, with an average of 6,000 items passing through each collection box per minute.

4 Horses

Horses are known for their strength and beauty, but did you know that they can sleep standing up? It might seem strange, but horses have the ability to lock their knee joints so that they can rest while still standing.

When horses do lie down to sleep, it’s typically for just a few hours at a time. Horses can also take quick naps while standing up, which allows them to rest while still being aware of their surroundings.

So, if you ever see a group of horses standing perfectly still in a field, they may just be taking a quick nap.

2 Ford Explorers

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, but the Ford Explorer is one that measures 35 feet. The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, and the company has been making cars ever since.

The Explorer is a popular SUV that was first introduced in 1990 and has gone through several redesigns over the years. It’s often used as a family car and is known for its spacious interior and rugged design.

4 Surfboards

Surfing is a popular sport that has been around for centuries. The largest collection of surfboards in the world is located in Hawaii and features over 600 boards.

While that may seem like a lot, each individual surfboard measures around 6 feet in length. That means it would take 4 surfboards lined up side by side to reach 35 feet.

City Bus

When it comes to public transportation, the Goppel Autotram Extra Grand is the largest bus in the world. It measures an incredible 98 feet in length and can carry up to 256 passengers.

This bus was designed and built in Germany and is used on major transit routes in the city of Dresden. While it may seem like an oversized vehicle, it’s actually more fuel-efficient than a traditional bus due to its unique design.

Half A Tennis Court

Tennis is a popular sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages. The size and shape of tennis courts have changed over the years, with the most common shape now being rectangular.

However, some tennis courts are still shaped like an hourglass, with the narrowest point measuring 35 feet in length. There are also smaller courts, known as mini-courts, that measure approximately half the size of a regular court.

7 Walking Strides

Walking is a great way to stay active and healthy, but did you know that 7 walking strides is equivalent to the distance covered by a Big Mac, large fries, and a large Coke? It’s true! Walking just a few steps can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being, and can help you burn off some of those extra calories from your favorite fast food meal.

7 Queen-Sized Mattresses

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, but a popular size is the queen-sized mattress. This mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, which means that 7 queen-sized mattresses lined up side by side would measure 35 feet in length.

The word “mattress” actually comes from the Arabic word “matrah,” which means “something thrown down.” This is fitting, as mattresses are literally something that you throw down on a bed or other flat surface.

Telephone Pole

When it comes to height, the tallest telephone poles in the world can reach up to 295 feet. However, a typical telephone pole is around 35 feet in length.

These poles are often made of wood or metal and are used to support telephone and electrical wires. They can be found along residential streets, highways, and other areas where utility lines are present.

Two and A Half Beetle Volkswagens

The Volkswagen Beetle, also known as the Bettle, was introduced in 1938 and quickly became a popular car around the world. While the original Beetle was smaller than 35 feet in length, there have been several larger versions produced over the years.

The new Beetle is 13.3 feet in length, which means that it would take 2 and a half Beetles lined up side by side to measure 35 feet.


In conclusion, there are many different objects that measure 35 feet in length, some of which may surprise you. From yellow school buses to city buses, horses to surfboards, and mailboxes to pencils, each of these objects has its own unique story and place in our world.

Whether you’re a fan of cars, sports, or just interesting facts, there’s sure to be something on this list to capture your imagination.

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