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Visualizing Heights: How Tall Is 200 Feet?

Visualizing Heights: Understanding 200 Feet

When we hear a number, it’s often difficult for us to visualize it in our minds, especially when it comes to measurement. This is particularly true for 200 feet, a relatively large number that can be challenging to imagine.

In this article, we’ll explore different objects that are 200 feet tall and compare them to other familiar structures, making it easier for readers to understand what 200 feet looks like.

Why Visualizing 200 Feet Can Be Challenging

Before we delve into objects that are 200 feet tall, let’s discuss why it can be so difficult to imagine this height. For starters, our brains aren’t wired to accurately estimate large numbers.

Additionally, we may not have had many opportunities to see structures or objects that are this tall in person. Due to these factors, it can be challenging to gauge the true size of 200 feet.

Objects That Are 200 Feet Tall

Airport Control Tower

The Birmingham International Airport Control Tower in England is an impressive 200 feet tall. Completed in 2013, this tower is made of concrete and cost 8m to build.

It serves as a hub for air traffic control and helps to ensure that planes can safely take off and land.

20-Story Building

Many buildings are taller than 200 feet, but a 20-story building can give us a good idea of how big 200 feet really is. The height of a 20-story building varies depending on the shape of the building, but most 20-story buildings are around the 200-foot mark.

Magnum XL-200 Roller Coaster

Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200 roller coaster is a thrill-seeker’s dream. It’s 200 feet tall, and it opened in 1989 with much fanfare.

This coaster can reach speeds of up to 72mph and has a ride duration of just under two minutes.

2 Cottonwood Trees

Cottonwood trees are native to North America and can grow up to 200 feet tall. These trees typically grow near rivers or other bodies of water and can be found in areas of the United States such as Colorado and Texas.

20 African Elephants

African elephants are the largest land animals on the planet, with males weighing up to 6.6 tons and females weighing up to 3.3 tons. An adult African elephant can reach a height of 10-13 feet, meaning that 20 of them lined up in a row would measure around 200 feet.

7 Telephone Poles

In many residential areas, the utility poles are around 30 feet tall. This means that seven utility poles arranged in a row would equate to approximately 200 feet.

Half of the Mira Tower

The Mira Tower is a skyscraper in San Francisco that stands at 400 feet tall. Cutting it in half gives us a 200-foot structure that can be used as a comparison object for visualizing different heights.

20 Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops used in the NBA are standard 10 feet tall, meaning that 20 hoops lined up in a row would reach a height of 200 feet.

Boeing 777-300 Wingspan

The wingspan of a Boeing 777-300 aircraft is around 212 feet. While this is a slightly larger measurement than 200 feet, it’s close enough to provide a reference point for visualizing the height.

Comparing 200 Feet to Other Objects

To give readers context for what 200 feet looks like, it can be helpful to compare this height to other objects that are more familiar. Objects that are 100 feet or 400 feet tall can provide good reference points.

100 Feet

Objects that are 100 feet tall include smaller apartment buildings, tall trees such as redwoods, or smaller baseball field backstops. This can help readers understand that 200 feet is twice as tall as these structures.

400 Feet

The Sears Tower in Chicago is over 400 feet tall. This height can help readers understand that 200 feet is about half as tall as a skyscraper.


Understanding the height of 200 feet can be a challenging task, given our lack of exposure to such large measurements. However, by comparing 200 feet to other objects such as buildings, roller coasters, and even African elephants, we can start to get a sense of just how tall 200 feet really is.

By using other familiar structures such as 100-foot-tall trees or 400-foot-tall skyscrapers as points of comparison, we can better understand the magnitude of this height. In conclusion, understanding and visualizing heights can be challenging, but by examining objects 200 feet tall and comparing them to other structures, we can gain a better perspective.

Whether it’s an airport control tower or a roller coaster, these examples help us grasp the true size of 200 feet and appreciate just how large some structures in our world can be. Here are some FAQs to help you better understand the topic:

– Why can it be difficult to visualize 200 feet?

Our brains aren’t always wired to estimate large numbers accurately, and we may not have many opportunities to see objects this tall in person. – What are some objects that are 200 feet tall?

Examples include airport control towers, 20-story buildings, roller coasters, trees, elephants, telephone poles, half of a skyscraper, basketball hoops, and airplane wingspans. – What are some objects that are 100 or 400 feet tall for comparison?

Examples include apartment buildings, redwood trees, baseball field backstops, and skyscrapers such as the Sears Tower. – How can comparing objects help us understand the size of 200 feet?

By using familiar structures as reference points, we can gain perspective on the height of 200 feet and visualize it more easily.

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